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It began with a fistful of dirt in 1986, and the same hunting and outdoors lifestyle still exists here today. Our love of the outdoors and our commitment to sustain that lifestyle drives us to partner with companies sharing our values. We work to support programs and organizations committed to the outdoors, as well as to build relationships that complement the Mossy Oak brand lifestyle.

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Robotic Tactical Training Targets

TARGAMITE is a robotics company producing advanced tactical training platforms – including the Targabot®, the world’s first portable, computer-controlled target system offering both predictable and unpredictable behavioral characteristics. It comes with multiple, remote-activated factory modes of operation, or you can easily program it how you like with our free Graphic Sequencer. We have combined a standard target with programmable robotics to build muscle memory in your shooting skills that will translate into confidence and effectiveness in the field. Our Targabot® is used by the armed forces, law enforcement, tactical trainers, commercial ranges and advanced shooting communities worldwide. This advanced technology is perfect for any shooter who wants a more challenging and engaging target shooting experience that could potentially pay dividends in an increasingly unpredictable environment.

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