About Us

Mossy Oak began with a fistful of dirt in 1986………

This is how the Mossy Oak® story begins. 

Our story is not quite as deep. Mossy Oak® Targets began as a thought – what if we did this – in 2013.

Built from the platform of our first adventure into the reactive target world –
Splatter Shot® Targets – Mossy Oak® Targets has evolved and grown into a line of targets for
those hunters and shooters that truly love the outdoors. Mossy Oak® Targets was created by avid hunters and sport shooters from Indiana whose passion for the outdoors goes beyond the camouflage we wear out in the fields or into the woods. It is a lifestyle that extends beyond that and into our everyday lives.

If you share this love and passion for the outdoors with us then we invite you to try our targets and let us know what you think.

If your looking for other great Mossy Oak® products we encourage you to visit their online store!

Mossy Oak targets